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On Wednesday Oct., 23rd, 2019, the commissioning of the equipment of the plant for processing and producing natural gas at Alfaregh Oil Field (Phase II) started where actual beginning in pumping quantities of natural gas to Alintesar (103) belonging to Azewitina Company with average of (70) million m3 /day . By this WOC will be able in few days to carry out final good performance tests to reach a production of (180) million m3 /day of processed natural gas (Phase II) as well as a daily production of (15) thousand barrels of condensers according to the design capacity of the station, in addition to (70) million m3 of natural gas in (Phase I), the total quantity of gas that scheduled to be pumped to Alintesar field to reach (250) million m3 /day. These works come within the frame work of project of developing Alfaregh field (Phase II) which was originally planned to be completed in the beginning of 2011 but it encountered difficulties due to force majeure situation the country passed through when the contractor left the site during (2011-2014) because of the deteriorating security situation which forced WOC repeatedly to carry out the maintenance works of the station equipment more than one time due to its suspension for long periods without operation. After prolonged negotiations with project contractor (J&P) Company and the manufactures including (Siemens) and (TDE) companies, the two contractors began to return to the site in the mid of 2018 to complete the inspection and maintenance works after WOC carried out a strict security measurements and after endorsing emergency and evacuation plans this led WOC to be able to overcome all technical and contract obstacles. An agreement with (PSM) Company was reached last March to complete the remaining works of the project which were done recently. Currently work team from the contractor (PSM) as well as (Siemens) and (TDE) companies are available at Alfaregh field where maintenance works were completed and where the actual beginning of the commissioning work started. Here is WOC began the production of natural gas which will contribute to increase the necessary gas supplies to produce the electric power or for manufacturing operations which will contribute to support the national economy.