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Within the bilateral cooperation between oil sector companies  affiliated to NOC the employees of both WOC and Sirt company for producing and manufacturing oil and gas, Oct., 20th, 2019 were able to control the leakage occurred at well number (A1 – 126) on Oct., 5th, 2019 at Shader field.

Group of Engineers and technicians of both companies made quick intervention, implemented all necessary maintenance works for the well, and stop the leakage, to avoid the occurrence of any environmental damages. Worth mentioning that the leakage did not cause any damages. In this respect, NOC expresses its deep gratitude to all employees of both companies for the extra ordinary efforts they exerted in order to stop the leakage in record times to assure avoiding the damage of the well.

NOC also praised the role of all national and foreign companies’ services, such as Aljoof Company for oil technologies, and National Company for Oil Services, Arab Company for Drilling and Workover, Alwaseetha Company and Schlumberger Company, for preserving The Libyan Natural Resources, despite difficult work circumstances as well as deteriorating security situation. It’s worth mentioning that this well was drilled in 1968 by Mobel Oil Company, but it was not developed due to lack of economic visibility for the project at that time. Recently the well was granted to Zalaf Libya Company for Exploration and Production to study and develop it and start the production at the proper time.