Training Course on Piping and Instrument Drawings Reading

(Media Section) Within the care of MC to upgrade the employees qualifications, and within the Training Department duties in preparing and supervising the company training plan, this Thursday Aug.…

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Special Operations Force Persons Honouring

(Media Section) Gratefully for the role played by the Special Operations Force persons in safing the company main offices and protecting the employees and public properties. Today, Wednsday Aug.…

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A bilateral meeting between WOC and Al-Jouf Oil Technology Company

Media Office Considering the interest that the Management Committee attaches to its communication with the various companies in the sector, a bilateral meeting was held this morning, Tuesday,…

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Honouring Party for Exploration Department retired Employees. July, 28. 2022

(Media Office) In attendance of Exploration Manager, Training Manager, number of superintendents, advisors, and number of Hai Alakwakh employees the Exploration Department has…

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Congratulations for Hejri Year 1444

Management Committee of Waha Oil Company presents its deep congrats to all the company sites employees, all Libyans and the whole Islamic nation for the new Hejri year 1444, praying to Allah to…

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Qualifying Training Course for NORM Safety Superv isors

(Media Sextion) In the framework of WOC trainees qualification upgrading in all specialties and fields a training course took place in the LPI from July 17 to 28, titled ( Preparation and…

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