Face – to – Face Meeting Between WOC and National Company for Drilling and Workover

(Media Office) This Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 in the company main offices, a face-to-face meeting headed by Dr. Fathi Ben Zahya the MC Chairman and attended by the technical departments managers…

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New Management Committee Handover Protocols

(Media Section) In a friendly atmosphere, handover protocols in the main office took place, between the former MC Chairman Mr. Anwar Ali Al Shahloul and Dr. Fathi Ben Zahya the new MC Chairman, Mr.…

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North Gialo Development Project In A Meeting

(Media Office) Within the framework of coordination to hold the workshop intended in May 2023, in which international companies specialized in turnkey projects will be invited. Tuesday morning,…

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Management Committee Holds its 4th Meeting for the Year 2023

(Media Office) Monday Morning Mar.20th, 2023 in the company main offices, the 4th meeting of the Management Company was held in attendance of Mr. Anwar Al Shahloul MC A/Chairman, Dr. Fathi Nen Zahya…

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Workshop to Follow up the Production Increase

(Media Office) This Thursday morning Mar. 16th, 2023 at the conference room, a workshop chaired by Mr. Fathi Ben Zahya the MC Technical Affairs Member, Mr.Stephane Saintpere(Second Party), Technical…

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Conclusion Of a Training Course In Welding By Gases

(Media Office) Under the sponsorship and supervision of the Training and Development Department, on Thursday, March 9, 2023, a training course in the field of welding by inert gases and tungsten…

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