Training Management Activity

  Media section Within the framework of developing employees and push up their efficiency in writing reports and knowing the concept of administrative correspondence and its main parts and…

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Review of WOC Activities in 2019 and the proposed activities in 2020

On Wednesday, January 1, 2020, the annual meeting of the WOC for the year 2019 was held at the Head office of NOC in Tripoli, headed by Eng. MUSTAFA SANA ALLAH, NOC Chairman. Whereas, during the…

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Publication Regarding the Anniversary of the Declaration of Libya Independence, December 24, 1951

  On Tuesday, December 24th 2019, corresponding with the Independence of Libya in 1951. There for the offices of the WOC in Tripoli and an Benghazi will be closed on this day in celebration of…

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Safety Section Training in Gallo field

This morning Friday, December 13, 2019 an within of the training for employee in the safety section in the Gallo oil field, training employees in the safety section to respond to a fire. the safety…

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Conclusion Of Training Course For Drilling Fluids Section

Media Section A training course entitled ”Cementing Operations” for a number of drilling fluids section employees at Drilling and Work over Department, in cooperation with Schlumberger Company was…

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Waha Oil Company Support To Sector’s Companies In The Field Of Training

Media Section Within cooperation of emergency committee of the western and southern regions at the oil sector’s companies and in coordination between HSE Department Manager at Waha Oil Company and…

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