Operations Committee Meeting

  (Media Section) On Monday morning, Nov. 4, 2019 the Operations Committee held its ordinary meeting in the company offices, headed by Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Ammar, Chairman of the Management…

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Starting the Commissioning of Alfaregh Field (Phase II)

    (Media Section) On Wednesday Oct., 23rd, 2019, the commissioning of the equipment of the plant for processing and producing natural gas at Alfaregh Oil Field (Phase II) started where…

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Completion of Maintenance of well 1-126 at Shadar Oilfield

    (Media section)   Within the bilateral cooperation between oil sector companies  affiliated to NOC the employees of both WOC and Sirt company for producing and manufacturing oil and…

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    (Media Section) To encourage the sport activity within the company followed up directly by the MC chairman with the various related departments to facilitate the difficulties and…

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Extended Meeting Of Operations Committee

    (Media Section) On Monday morning, 21 October 2019, the Operations Committee held its ordinary meeting headed by Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Ammar, Chairman of the Management Committee and in…

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Meeting of MC Chairman with Zlaf Libya Company

    Media Section On Sunday morning, October 20, 2019, the Chairman of the Management Committee, Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Ammar, met with Mr. Khalifa Rajab Abdul Sadiq, Chairman of the…

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