On Wednesday morning Waha Oil Company annual meeting was held at the main office of NOC chaired By Mr. Farhat Ben Gdara ,Chairman of Board of Directors in attendance of NOC Board of Directors Members , Chairman of Owners Committee ,Chairman and Members of Waha Management Committee , General Managers and Departments Managers of NOC and Waha Oil Company and Chairman and Members of Control Authority.

Mr. Farhat Ben Gdara in his opening speech confirms NOC reliance significantly on Waha Oil Company to execute its strategic plan to increase the production rates due to the Company’s huge oil and gas reserves, stressing the need to apply safety instructions and regulations and give the utmost importance to maintaining the safety of personnel and achieving a safe working environment in all sites.

Mr. Farhat Ben Gdara commended Waha Management Committee and all employees in all sites efforts and their constant efforts to maintain the production rates and its increasing.

Dr. Fathi Ben Zahya, Chairman of WOC Management Committee evaluated the efforts of Chairman and Members of NOC Board of Directors and their unlimited and continuous support to Waha Oil Company In order to achieve its objectives and performs its projects to maintain the production rates and its increasing.

During the meeting, the company’s performance indicators have been presented and reviewed and discussed various projects executed during last year. Since they achieved 97% of the daily target of its production in 2023 which reached 290 thousand barrels per day and drilled 28 wells as well as discussing the projects proposed to be carried out by WOC during 2024 . WOC Management Committee replied to the notes included in the Control Authority submitted report .

Coted from NOC website