On Thursday Morning ,December 14th 2023 an introductory and consultative meeting was held at the main office of the company between Waha Oil Company and Albriga for Oil and Gas Marketing Co. with the Attendance of Mr. Ahmed Almejbri , Waha Co. Member of Management Committee , Mr. Abdurrahman Alabidi , Albriga Co. Member of management committee, Mr. Abdussalam Alfoghi ,Acting Manager of IT Department of Waha Co, ,Mr. Mohamed Beshr, General Manager of It Department of Albriga Co. ,Mr. Fouad Alhajaji ,Management Committee Advisor of Albriga Co., Mr. Abdulmonem Alteith, of Strategic Program Office and IT and Financial Department Coordinators and Supervisors of Waha Oil Company to benefit from their Experiences in ERP System. The meeting concluded to introduce ERP System to support Briga Company as a keen and concern of Waha Oil Company Management Committee for providing support and help to the Sector’s Companies .

The attendees agreed to hold technical meetings between the two companies with the attendance of the representatives of the concerned departments of the said system to reveal and familiarize them with Waha achievements in this Field.