National Oil Corporation And Chinese National Petroleum Corporation Discuss Means Of Joint Cooperation And Opportunities Of Available Investment

A high ranking delegation from NOC paid a visit to the People’ Republic of China in response to an invitation extended to them by the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation to discuss opportunities…

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Provision of New Buses

(Media section) The T&S Department in its program to provide the modern transportation means for the company employees in the fields, terminal and main offices. (8) buses are provided to be used…

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Appreciation And Gratitude

In appreciation for the efforts exerted by Mr. Jumaa Milud Al-Amari, an employee in the Department Of Transportation and Services and for the work and services he rendered during his assignment in…

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Meeting Of Oil Sector Unified Contracting Regulation Revising Committee

  (Media Division) On Wednesday and Thursday morning corresponding to July 17Th -18th 2019 , the revising committee of the unified contracting regulation of the oil sector held its first…

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Chairman of Management Committee Meets with General Manager of Petro Air Company

(Media Division) Within the framework of the efforts exerted by Waha Oil Company to render the best services to its employees in the oil fields and terminal, Mr. Ahmed Abdalla Ammar ,Chairman of…

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Emergency Committee Meeting

(Media Section) The emergency committee held a spread meeting in the morning of Sunday, July, 14th , 2019 attended by all the members (Operations, Transportation and Services, Law, HR., Drilling and…

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Firefighting Vehicle At Tripoli Offices

  (Media Section) To abide with the main rule “safety First”, the company works to provide all the company sites with modern firefighting vehicles which are able to treat with the emergency…

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  (Media section) Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Ammar, the Management Committee Chairman has addressed a Gratitude and Appreciation to the work team which assumed the replacement of the Jalou – Waha 20Kms…

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(Media Section) In frame of the training programs executed by the company aiming to upgrade the employees qualifications and abilities in different worksites, and to accomplish the training plan for…

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Operations Committee in Ordinary Meeting

(Media Section) The operations committee held its ordinary meeting in the morning of Monday July, 1st , 2019 chaired by Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Ammar the Management Committee Chairman and presented by…

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(Media Section) WOC employees still confirm that they are reliable enough and keen to perform the tasks on time. Engineering team in cooperation with the other sections at Jalou field successfully…

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Emergency Committee Visits Company’s Oil Fields

  (Media Division) Mr. Aboubaker Abousedra ,Chairman of the Emergency Committee ,accompanied by Mr.Mohamed Ghagha and Mr. Khalifa Addahnous ,members of the committee ,paid a visit to the…

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