Martyr’s Day

Martyr’s Day The WOC offices will be off in Saturday corresponding to Sept. 16th, 2023 for the occasion of the Martyr’s Day.  

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General Administration for Human Resources of N.O.C and Personnel Department in a Meeting

  (Media Office) A meeting was held between the General Administration for Human Resources accompanied with the Strategic Programs Office members of N.O.C and the WOC Personnel Department…

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Management Committee Meeting

  (Media Section) This morning, Wednesday, 13th September 2023, the eleventh meeting of the Management Committee was held at the company’s main offices , in the presence of Mr.: Dr. Fathi Ben…

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Emergency Committee Meeting

  (Media Section) Today, Sunday morning, corresponding to 10th September 2023, the fifth meeting of the Emergency Committee was held at the company’s main offices, in order to discuss and take…

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Workshop on Digital Transformation

  (Media Section) On Thursday morning, corresponding to 31st August, 2023, at the company’s main offices, with the attendance of , Mr.: Dr. Fathi Ben Zahia, CMC, and Messrs.: Al-Mahdi Masoud…

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Meeting Regarding Developments in The North Gialo (6J) Field Development Project

  (Media Section) Today, Wednesday morning, corresponding to 30th August 2023, a meeting was held at the company’s main offices on the latest developments and progresses related to the North…

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