Discussion of Financial and Administrative Procedures and Regulations on Medical Insurance Policy

(Media Section) This Monday morning October 14th 2019 the competent committee for studying and application of the new medical insurance policy held its first meeting at the main site of Waha Oil…

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A Training Course In Electricity

(Media Section) This Sunday morning October 13th ,2019 a technical training course in electricity started at the main site of the company at Hay Al -Alkwakh on Electric Maps Reading and all special…

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A Dialogue With Mr. Abdelhadi Algharyani Manager of Transport and Services Department

· The budgets restricted us, the workload is huge and the requirements are bigger · Our budgets don't meet our expenses and we work with minimum capabilities. · We have the skillful young men with a…

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Operations Committee meeting

(Media Section) Operations Committee meeting was held in the morning of Sunday, Oct 7th, 2019, headed by Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Ammar the Chairman of Management Committee and presence of the…

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A meeting with Waha Aviation Section Supervisor

  Aviation service at the company is going to improve (Media Section ) There is no doubt that aviation services performance level at the company is considered one of the essential elements to…

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Emergency Committee in a Visit to The Company Main Offices Employees Guesthouses

Media Section Due to the current situation the capital city Tripoli undergoes, and to recognize the damages occurred on the company main offices at Borj Boleila as result of air attack on one of the…

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