(Media Division)
The Operations Committee held an ordinary meeting on Monday, April 15, 2019, under the chairmanship of Mr. Abdalla A. Ammar, Chairman of the MC with the attendance of Mr. Ahmed M. ElMejbery, member of the MC and of Messers Managers of the Departments as well as the CHAIRMAN of the Consultants Committee, Chairman of Tenders Committee and the Head of the Management Committee’s Office.

The Operations Committee discussed a number issues and matters related to company’s work including following up of activities of production, export, drilling, well maintenance and engineering projects as well as the smooth availability of materials, spare parts and other work necessities and confirmed the importance of regular visits by Department Managers to oilfields and the terminal to meet employees there and to listen to their remarks and proposals.
In the fields of media and social media, The Operations Committee decided to halt all social media sights that use the name, logo or sights of company work for their violations of NOC instructions and of previous warnings of the company and of their incompatibility to legal texts. Publishing information, news and whatever is related to company’s activities should only be restricted to the company’s official web sight. The Managers of Departments, which have such social media sights, were asked to stop them.

The operations Committee emphasized its commitment to continue honoring the distinguished employees in work sights of the company. In addition, the committee also discussed a number of administrative and financial matters and adopting the necessary procedures, which in turn bring benefit to the company and to its employees.
The Operations Committee stressed the importance of the safety of employees in all work sights, it is committed to preserve the smooth progress of work and asked the Department Managers to follow up the attendance of employees and taking the proper actions towards that in order not to exploit the circumstances, that the country passes now and then, as an excuse for absence.