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Major companies seek to keep pace with the technologies of the era, which helps the workflow with ease. WOC has a long history in this field, it is one of the first companies that have introduced technology at the core of its works.

The morning of last Monday, Jan, 20, 2020 From this standpoint, Mr. AHMED ABDULLAH AMMAR, Chairman of the management Committee and members of the Operations Committee attended, a light presentation on the uses of the program (Microsoft 365) and how to save data and not to destroy it, no matter how it limits technical problems with computers, and also allows the employees to complete the work entrusted to him from anywhere in the world.

To know with this program we had a pause with Eng. OSAMA SHANFIR, from the Information and Communications Technology Department in the Department of Infrastructure, where he informed us, saying:-

According to the agreement concluded between the NOC and Microsoft, or what is known as (MASTERGENERAL) for all oil sector companies, I was the leader of the team that worked on (Microsoft Office 365), what is meant (offset is Word, Excel, Power Point, etc) As for 365, it means that during this period you have (EXPELTY) every day which is not known (Cloud Solutions) it is the cloud services and means, as long as you have an internet connection you can store any material and this does not depend on the presence of the person in a specific place or time but your contents are safe wherever you are it was our presentation to the Operations Committee on Wind Drive, which is one of the types of data storage, Because previously it was storage via flash, device or server, now as long as you have internet you can access your storage contents Consequently, each user will have a (MICROSTOVE ACOUNT) who has (Wind Drive) and has a storage capacity of at least (1 frequency) and can reach any (5 frequency).

About benefiting from this technology, engineer Osama said: Given the circumstances the country is going through and for fear of losing data, we have

assisted some departments, for example operations management project management, and financial management so I do not lose their information If any computer malfunction or corruption occurs in your hard drive, you will find all the data protected and you can complete the work even from home from any computer or from a supported mobile (Pala underwood) or from the tab for example, you have business, photos, videos for work or your data from a passport and your university and scientific certificates these data do not want to be lost from you This program can be stored in the program as you like and access to it through a mobile phone or any computer.

On the difficulties they faced in completing their tasks said: Microsoft has been activated in the company in 2019 on this basis, we are trying to benefit from this technology as much as possible Until now, there are no difficulties that mention only the time factor that we will take in storing data, especially for large departments that have a daily circulation of information and reports such as managing operations we offer them a mechanism to work on how to store and collect data as a start, and from what has been done the employee can store his belongings by himself asking him to deal with his private email and even those who have a simple problem we communicate with them and show them the correct work method

Eng. Osama concluded his speech with praise and interest the members of the Operations Committee paid attention to this work through many questions that were directed to him about the product safety and the reason that the rest of the departments do not work on this program and how effective it is