(Media Office)

In order to enhance the capabilities of 10 employees of the Media Office and raise their efficiency, the first training course in the field of editing and preparing the press release was concluded today, Thursday morning,9th March. 2023, at the company’s main offices in Hay Al-Akwakh, under the coordination and supervision of the Training and Development Department and in cooperation with Iqraa Training Company.

The course continued for 5 consecutive days, as it included several subjects on the nature of journalistic editing in its various types, elements and components. The course also included the theoretical and practical aspects of collecting information from its sources.

At the same level, the course covered with electronic publishing methods, controls and attempts in a practical step to keep abreast of the developments taking place in various social media channels.

The closing ceremony was attended by Mr. Al-Amin Al-Maghribi, Supervisor of the Career Development Department, who praised the efforts of the Training Department in developing the company’s employees and said in his speech that this will not be the last course for the Media Section, but there are upcoming courses in various fields, especially since they did not receive the training aspect previously. inside or ABROAD.

After that, certificates were distributed to the participants in the course, in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Al-Hawij, Executive Manager of Iqraa Company, and journalist Rabia Habbas, who prepared and presented the course.