Waha Oil Company (WOC) would like to announce floating the Tender “Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for WOC`s Employees” in an open tender, such services (Purchase) shall be via a Master Agreement (Renewable). Personal protective equipment (PPE) Such as (but not limited to) is protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter.

Accordingly would like to solicit bids from local & foreign/international specialized contractors who are licensed for executing similar works who possess the expertise, competence, financial and skilled manpower necessary for the execution of this services. Those who are interested to participate in such tender, shall submit a written request supported with their credentials, and are kindly requested to fill out the attached questionnaire (hyperlink) or attend in person to receive a hard copy of the questionnaire at the office of Secretary, Tenders Committee, 32 floor- Burj Abulayla , WAHA`s Head-Quarters, Tripoli – Libya. in order to submit complete file. Tender Package shall ONLY be released to those companies who fulfill the participation conditions stipulated in this announcement.

SCOPE OF SERVICE (Generically):

The successful bidder will be responsible for :

  • • Import & store PPE in suitable warehouse (preferably in one of WOC`s oil-fields).
  • • WOC`s average annual consumption of PPE is used as a guide in calculating Supplier`s minimum stock thru the year.
  • • Upon receipt of WOC`s order, supplier shall prepare & transport complete order compliant to quantities, specifications (genuine) with no defects/damage to the designated delivery point.

All PPE are to be genuine, certified for use in Oil installations, and supported by the manufacturer.

Application Submission Conditions & Required Documents:

  1. Written application expressing contractor’s interest to participate in the subject tendering process & attaching WOC’s announcement signed and stamped together with a statement declares your acceptance to all provisions of this announcement.
  2. Filling-out the attached questionnaire and submit it attaching with all the required documents, including:
    • Statute of the company.
    • Establishment Contract / Decision of the company.
    • Valid & Updated abstract form Libyan Commercial Chamber.
    • Valid Business License.
    • Registration in the country of origin.
    • Previous work experience supported with information on number & list of similar services executed inside and outside Libya.
    • Report of Chartered Accountant on the financial status of the company for the last three years including finance statement, Balance Sheet for these years.

Original Certificate of Tax payment status, addressed to WOC & showing the title of this tender.


Due to importance of the subject PPE to sustain safety & protect employees from hazards, WOC shall release this Tender package ONLY to specialized companies, with valid license & experience/good knowledge in such line of business.

All original documents received by WOC will be treated confidentially and shall be returned once a copy is made by Secretary of Tenders Committee.

Date, Company`s full name, address & stamp are to be clearly shown on its application. All documents submitted by the applicant, the Name, title & signature of the contractor legal representative is to clearly shown.

Closing Date: Application are to be submitted not later than 12:00 NOON on Sunday January 26, 2020, to the office of Secretary, Tenders Committee at WOC Main office, floor No. (32), Burj Abulayla Tower, Tripoli-Libya.

Waha Oil Company reserves the right to verify / investigate the accuracy / Legitimacy of the information and documents received from the interested companies.

All interested companies are required to submit complete credentials as requested in this announcement including companies that have been previously prequalified by Waha Oil Company.

For any enquiry, please contact Secretary, Tenders Committee.

              Phone   :    00218213331116 ext. 27880

              Fax        :    00218213608502

  E-mail    :    stc@wahaoil.ly