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In terms of the technical manpower qualification in various fields related to company activities. The 8 trainees group of Oil & Gas Pipes Welding were graduated after joining a training course supervised by the local training section of the training center belonging to WAHA, in a success percentage of 100%.  


No. Name Co. No. Result  
1 Ahmed Mohamed Shebek  14573 6 SMAW 
2 Abdulhadi Ibrahim Abozid 13468 
3 Hussein Miloud Mohamed  14576 
4 Ali Mohamed Ahmed  10589 
5 Hussam Mansour Alftaissi 14350 
6 Imen Abdulhadi Elshreif  11229 5 GMAW 
7 Ahmed Omer Oyed  10636 
8 Nurri Ali Ezzokari  12212 


Informing that this accurate training program is supervised by Oil & Gas Pipes Welding training specialists. Each trainee is granted internationally recognized certificate after successfully passing the course.