On Wednesday morning, Feb. 5th , 2020, under the supervision of the NOC and with the hosting of the WOC, the regular meeting was held to discuss the latest developments on the project of connecting the fields to the Next Generation system (NGBN), which is known as the optical fiber cable to be implemented in the fields and terminal.

“ This project is a typical step in the sector, industrial zones such as Ras Lanouf and Albrega will change to digital systems and high speed internet will be available to assist the productivity level increasing. WOC has a main role in this project, technical staff of WOC provided a lot and facilitated many of the project obstacles and difficulties “. Eng. Waleed Swessi ICT A/Mger. of WOC stated.

“ After the security situation stabilized and the Force Majeure was lifted from some areas, the companies that carried out the project started their work without any difficulties except for some rocky areas, which the companies proved challenging and performing their work ” he added. We thank the MC Chairman, and ICT Dept. Mgr. for their continuous interest and follow up to the project work progress.