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Within the aspirations of the WOC to expand its production, exploration and development business, the company embarked on the implementation of the initial engineering studies for the area Development Project (K6),(N5)(5R) and area (V 3) Connecting the two wells (4 ) 10U and( 4) (U11) and the establishment of an oil and gas treatment plant (GALLO 3).

On 20,Jan , 2020, a contract was signed with the British PETROFAC Company, which will undertake the initial engineering works

On 22, Jan, 2020, a meeting was held between the Project Steering Committee and PETROFAC Company, following a technical meeting that was held on 23,jan, 2020 to launch engineering works(“kick off meeting” the team in WOC charge of following up the project, which included a number of the main project management engineers and the engineers from the engineering operations departments.

This is aimed at, and after completing all phases of the project, the production rate of oil, crude, and condensate will increase, in addition to that natural gas will be used to generate electrical energy for Gallo and north Gallo plants.