On Wednesday, January 1, 2020, the annual meeting of the WOC for the year 2019 was held at the Head office of NOC in Tripoli, headed by Eng. MUSTAFA SANA ALLAH, NOC Chairman.

Whereas, during the meeting, the company’s activities and its various management departments were reviewed during the year 2019 and the proposed work programs and budget for the year 2020. The company’s various projects and aims it intends to achieve in the coming year to increase oil and gas production rates were also reviewed. The meeting also discussed exploration actives of the company represented in completing the drilling for a number of wells, completing and testing them, And the preparation of laboratory experiments, as well as seismic surveys and reprocessing programs, And the development of the reserve including the implementation of some drilling operations started for a number of wells and in re-completing them successfully in Faregh field during last year adding that it to phase two of the field development. Results of the exploratory test of well ( 6 59-p2 ) SIRTE BASIN and the study of North Gallo field development and the development of North Gallo field.

The meeting also discussed the preservation of environment projects, including limiting the accompanying water, exploiting the produced gas, and reducing burning and oil spills. The report of the monitoring committee was also discussed.

The Chairman and members of the Board of NOC praised the exceptional efforts made by the employees of WOC in order to increase the company’s performance and contribute to the advancement of the national economy, that despite the circumstances, challenges and difficulties it faced, However, not prevent the company from its role so that it was able, through its wise management efforts and the employees, to maintain production rates and manage its operations with in every professionalism.

Eng. MUSTAFA SANA ALLAH, Chairman of National Oil Corporation congratulated the company on the occasion of completing and starting phase 2 at the FARGE project development field During this year, aiming at increasing production rates to reach about 180 million cubic meters of gas per day, as well as the maintenance of the 18-inch crude oil pipeline in record time.

Eng. Mustafa Sana Allah stressed the need to speed up the completion of a number of important projects that will contribute to maintaining production processes such as replacing shabby transport lines of the fields ( WAHA, ALZQOTA and SIDR),replacing of damaged crude oil tanks at Sidra Port, An acceleration of putting strategic fields production on an example north Gallo field,”M.N98” According to the plans approved by the National Oil Corporation, and he the stressed of the corporation to coordinate with the competent authorities in the country in order to adopt the rapid development of these huge fields due to the great return on investment and expected a rapid increase in income He also praised the company’s role in conducting reservoir studies by Libyan engineers from inside Libya, He asked on the company to coordinate with the General Development of Security, Safety and Sustainable Development in implementing spatial development programs in oil area, and to Continue paying attention to, focus on, and implementation of environmental programs.

He also stressed giving priority to the human element and paying attention to its training and qualification while improving public services for employees to provide comfort to them.

For his part, Chairman of the Management Committee WOC, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Ammar praised, The National Oil Corporation’s continuous support to Waha Company to overcome the difficulties and problems it faced Shedding light on the most important actions that the company did during the last period, including the speed of response in dealing with food pollution in one of the oil fields in the Gallo area.

The meeting was attended by members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation for Oil, Mr. ABU AL QASIM SHANQIR, Mr. JADALLAH AL-OKALI and Mr. Al-AMMARI MAHAMMAD AL-AMMARI. Also on behalf of the company were Mr. AHMED ABDULLAH AMMAR, Chairman of the Management Committee of the

Company, and Mr. AHMED AL-MAJBRI, member of the Management Committee, in addition to Mr. AL-BASHIR QUREI, Chairman of the Owners Committee and Mr. Member of the Owners Committee and gentlemen general managers and directors of the competent departments of the corporation, the company and the monitoring body.