(Media Section)

This Sunday Dec., 1st, 2019 a meeting held by Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Ammar the chairman and the food contamination committee members. After the committee has back from their visit to the oilfield to be in spot, the chairman met with them to hear the report about the accident and the procedures taken with any recommendations in this regard.

Chairman emphasized that the employees health and safety in the company various sites is one of the priorities which the MC concern about, and urged to follow up all the issues related to the food stuff and controlling the employees health as one of the first priorities.

The chairman appreciated all the procedures taken by the constituted committee, and the cooperation by all the medical teams at the oilfields, as well as, the cooperation provided by the neighboring areas which provided the necessary assistance and support to the oilfield medical teams. In addition to the National Center for Disease Control which assigned its Wahat branch to support our teams.

In conclusion, the chairman confirmed his personal follow up and concern with the committee assigned to implement the recommendations included in the report.