Thanks to GOD. Due to the exerted efforts, food contamination case at Gialo field that a number of employees at Gialo field encountered is under control. All employees are well. The constituted committee under decision of Chairman of Management Committee for following up the health situation and providing medical care and investigating the causes and circumstances of food contamination case that a number of 53 employees of Waha Oil Company and other companies working with it at Gialo field encountered have completed its tasks late last night and is about to submit its final report.

Based on CMC instructions, Waha Oil Company adopted a number of urgent procedures aiming to control the situation including immediate travel to Gialo Field carrying the necessary medicines and medical equipment to treat the cases in co-operation and in co-ordination with the oil field officers at the field, in addition to calling doctors at Waha and Faregh fields and contacting the neighboring areas which responded to the urgent call of which the medical authorities at Gialo and Gkherra areas assigned a doctor and a nurse to join the medical team existing at the field.

Parallel to these procedures the committee contacted the National Center for Fighting Diseases which assigned its branch at oases area to provide support whenever is necessary.

In addition , the committee caution ally reserved the food elements from which the dinner meal was prepared that employees at the field have taken and sending samples from it to the Food and Medicines Controlling Center.

In anticipation of any emergency, the company adopted other precautionary measures includes assigning two aircrafts on call ,one stationed at Waha field and the other ambulance aircraft is stationed at Misruta airport. The company secured an air flight for (14) employees who asked for medical treatment in clinics outside the oil field to be assured of their health.

Mr. Mohamed Ghagha, Chairman of the committee and Manager of HSE department stated that all 53 employees at the field that encountered health disorders have left the clinic and they are now in good health.

Mr.Ahmed Abdalla Ammar ,CMC , who have closely followed the health situation of Gialo field employees, confirmed later that the health and safety of Waha employees are on the top of priorities of MC concerns and no place for negligence and courtesy in this regard.

Mr.Ammar on this occasion added that praise to God for the safety of our colleagues at Gialo field and we highly appreciate the huge efforts exerted which laid to the control of this problem and we extend our thanks and gratitude for the authorities that co-operated with us.

In the same context the National Company for oil fields and terminals catering, rendering services to the company’s oil fields, constituted a special committee for the same purpose.

It’s worth noting that the number of employees who encountered food contamination at Gialo field is only (53), and not as stated by media or social media which doubled the number.