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The field of training and development is one of the most important objectives of the company believing that the qualified person and trainer is the most important in the development process and the status of change and development in the various workplaces of the company, so the company was keen to establish specialized institutes and training centers that work to raise the efficiency of employees. The company’s interest in training and development at home and overseas has led to fruitful results that have made the company an example and lead by example in this area where it has distinct capabilities and competencies in various disciplines in the fields of oil industry, security, safety and environmental protection.

Training fields

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mughairbi, manager of Training and Development Department, assured the company in an exclusive interview with the company’s media section that the department focuses on preparing and implementing training and development programs in accordance with the needs and specializations in cooperation and coordination with the various departments of the company as the training requirements are developed and renewed.


During the observations of the subordinate and is one of the two for local training and career development and includes the English Language Section, Career Development Section, Technical Development Section and the other for overseas training and includes the search for programs and implementation and The Manager of the Department explained that the English language field is highly dependent on the company through the interest of intensifying the various courses taught at the company’s training center. (120) training opportunities have been implemented in the program (IELTS) within the objectives of the new plan. WOC is the only company that implemented this program.

Overseas training

As for training and overseas development, there are three sections: the Implementation Section, The Program Research Department and The Planning Section, where the efforts and programs of these sections are integrated by taking all measures to achieve the requirements of the various departments of training programs and following up the implementation procedures of the various training programs.

As for the number of employees in the department, The Manager explained that the number of employees reaches fifty employees in addition to the English Language teachers cooperating on temporary contracts. The Manager of Department explained that the company since 2018, disrupted various workshops and laboratories from work for events in the region, but with the beginning of 2019, the department began to restructure The Technical Section and construct new workshops, especially welding workshops, electricity and mechanics cars and precision machinery and began training courses are on the way to implementation, has been graduated new trainees, but for the general training there are no training plans since 2013 due to the events that passed this has led to the intensification of training opportunities and fields, although more than (600) local training opportunities have been created since 2017 in addition to (99) overseas opportunities within the previous plans. In 2018, courses resumed and more than a thousand opportunities were trained. In this year 2019 to date (950) training opportunities have been implemented and it is expected that training opportunities will reach 1500 opportunities. For overseas training, during the year 2018, 18 opportunities were implemented and it is among the remaining training plans including Administrative and Technical fields as well as Human Development, Computer, the secretariat (secretarial), writing reports and special requirements for some sections and The Manager of the Department explained that there are policies encouraging the outstanding in the various training courses implemented by the company where the policy ensures that the reward for the recipients of certificates of excellence, as that the full-time university study gets an appropriate reward as well.

And about the difficulties encountering the department says:

The key to training is language, but when you do not have a good classroom and a good teacher, this is a problem, and we try to address the problems and overcome the difficulties, and we have spoken in the mother tongue, two of whom are formal and the other cooperative as well as the use of outstanding teachers, and Waha tries to maintain this level in addition to technical training and this is a major achievement, and technical workshops started in 2018.

We would like to thank the Department of Services, which has been important role in building workshops and accomplishing this work.

We also thank the Media Section, which always highlights the activity of the Training Department. Thank you for these efforts.

Thus, the importance of training and its fields for Al Waha is evident through this meeting, in which Dr. Ahmed Al Meghairbi, Manager of Training and Development Department, expressed his optimism for a better future for the training field in the company, stressing that all these efforts are in favor of achieving the ambitious goals of the company and its employees and the national economy in general.