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In the frame work of developing the employees authorized to work on the Navigation and Meteorological System and so to communicate and deal with aircrafts crews conducting (piloting) flights between the airports of the company’s sites and the other airports of the company by raising their performance and competences and obtaining approved certificates for the employees of Administrative Affairs and Oil and Safety Movement Sections at the sites of the Company’s Oil Fields that their work nature require direct dealing with this system. In Wednesday morning, Sep. 25th, 2019. A seminar entitled (Station Navigation Operator) was concluded. Number of (14) employees from Operations and HSE Departments were trained by attending the seminar taking place at Annajma Allamea Company for Education and Training which is an approved entity by Civil Aviation Authority for training on the aviation program which lasts for three consecutive weeks as of Sep. 2nd till Sep. 25th ,2019. It appeared that the attendance was excellent, the general impression of the seminar’s attendees was very good and benefiting of the course was good according to the questionnaire filled by the participants of the training course.

At the end of the seminar, certificates have been granted to the trainees in attendance of Local Training Superintendent and Employment Development Section Supervisor wishing for them the success in performing their future tasks.