(Media Division)

Operations committee held its ordinary meeting on Monday, August 26th 2019 with the attendance of Chairman of Management Committee, Departments’ Managers, Chairmen of Advisors Committee and Tenders Committee and by conference the second party.

The meeting started with discussing the budget of the last quarter of the current year 2019; in which it was emphasized that a specific mechanism for budget disbursement channels should be put in place as needed and in a way that does not affect the work progress and completion of the projects carried out by the company.

In this regard various departments have been emphasized to determine the priorities of the projects affiliated to through the budget allocated to.

The committee also reviewed the report of HSE Department in all sites of work emphasizing on the necessity of proceeding with the continuance of choosing the outstanding employee monthly with commitment to implement that, in addition to other subjects and matters related to the work of the company’s variant departments.