A high ranking delegation from NOC paid a visit to the People’ Republic of China in response to an invitation extended to them by the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation to discuss opportunities of available investment and means of joint cooperation in the oil and gas sector in Libya.

The NOC delegation was welcomed by Mr. Howo Kijen, Deputy Chairman of the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation, the Chairman of Petro China company and the chairmen of companies affiliated to the Chinese Corp. The delegation was led by Mr. Mustafa Sunallah. Chairman of the NOC.

Mr. Kijen expressed desire of China and the Chinese Petroleum Corp. to strengthen means of joint cooperation in the fields exploration and development as well as oil field services and Libyan crude oil trade. The two parties also discussed possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding in their next meeting, aiming at consolidating their bilateral relations.

Mr. Sunallah expressed his gratitude for the Chinese Corp.’s invitation to NOC saying: “ NOC held high ranking meetings with major Chinese oil companies and we reviewed available investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Libya. As the security situation is improving in our country, we easily can improve our oil production between 300 to 400 thousand barrels a day, which will largely contribute in raising our national revenues. The goal of the strategy, we are currently following, is to reach the production of 2.1 million barrels a day by 2023. No doubt, China is able to assist us to achieve this noble objective”.

He added: “ We hope that China and its major oil companies will share with us our future vision of oil and gas sector in Libya through exchange of technical expertise and strengthening joint cooperation opportunities in the fields of exploration and development as well as in the field of import and export.

The NOC delegation also visited the premises of a number of major Chinese companies affiliated to the Petroleum Corp. which operated previously in Libya including China’s Great Wall Company for Drilling, The Chinese Development Company of Petroleum and Technology, B. G. B. Company and Chinese Petroleum Company. The NOC Chairman expressed his gratitude to these companies for the efforts they exert to consolidate cooperation between Libya and China, calling them to explore available trade opportunities in Libya.

The NOC delegation included Mr. Belgasem Shengir, NOC Board Member, Dr. Jamal Howisa, Technical Advisor to NOC Board, Mr. Ahmed A, Ammar, Chairman of Waha Company’s Management Cmmittee, Mr. Mohamed Ben Shetwan, Chairman Of Ghalig AlArabi Company’s Management Committee