(Media Section)

The operations committee held its ordinary meeting in the morning of Monday July, 1st , 2019 chaired by Mr. Ahmed Abdallah Ammar the Management Committee Chairman and presented by Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Almegbri, departments managers, advisory and tenders committees’ chairmen and emergency committee chairman and members.

The chairman opened the meeting with noting the importance of Pharegh field leading to increase the national production rates, directing to coordinate in following the fields safety procedures to insure the safety of employees and worksites.

The chairman expressed also his appreciation to the engineering and operations departments as they follow up the work executed in standard time for replacing the 30 inches pipeline connecting Jalou with Waha in length of 20kms, using the work time in making small repairs in other facilities of the field.

The attendants discussed the procedures followed and the surrounding circumstances about the death of the employee (Ahmed Salih Almadani) at Waha field. This issue will be discussed in details after the receiving the final report from the investigation committee, attempting to avoid such accidents.

Attendants discussed also the contracting procedures with an aviation company to provide equipped plane at the field to transport any emergency case. Doing the best to provide the HSE services and means in addition to make the employees aware of the safety procedures.