(Media Office)

On Wednesday morning , 21st Sept. 2022 the massive refurbishment works were completed for the first unit “turbine” at Essidre terminal power station, which has been suspended since 2011, and was exposed to a fire during the year 2017.

The maintenance works were carried out with the efforts and cooperation of various maintenance sections and the “turbine maintenance team” in the terminal despite the lack of capabilities and the severe shortage of spare parts.

Operational tests were conducted for it for a period of 3 days and it was entered into Essidre Terminal Electricity Network with a Production Capacity of 600 kilowatts.

On this occasion, a celebration was held in the presence of the Terminal Superintendent, a number of Sections Supervisors and Terminal Employees.

Where the superintendent praised the efforts made by the various departments of one teamwork spirit despite all the difficulties and obstacles they encountered, perhaps the most important of which was the lack of capabilities and necessary spare parts.