Day after day, the employees of Al Waha Oil Company prove their competence in work, despite all the difficulties and circumstances that the oil sector is going through, which made them among the elements referred to in among those working in the oil field. from the depths of the desert, with the grains of sand and the breeze of air mixed with the smell of oil and gas, the sounds of tracked vehicles, the patriots’ mission and their sweaty sweat from their bodies on their forearms from inside the Gallo field, which is considered one of the important fields we met with Engineer Ibrahim mahina , of the Gallo field supervisor. which in turn told us about the work they are doing under the current conditions the sector is going through, by stopping production, but work in the field continues and may have doubled in some departments where work began on station No. 1 with maintenance of the main pump G140 and work is still going on in the maintenance of the main pump No. and replacing the 12-inch line Of T180, and 16 and 10 inch joint valves have been changed. Maintenance continues on T150 separator, which is tasked with oil separation, and informed us engineer Ibrahim , that the Gallo field has a major role between the fields, it is he who feeds in other fields with electricity such as the field of samah and the waha, and also in these circumstances where production ceased, No. 1 generator was supplied, as well as maintenance and processing of No. 3 generator. As for station No. 2, 4 valves were replaced 12 inches on the spacers T240, T250, as a 16-inch line was replaced for separator 24 and 25 and a 12-inch valve was replaced by separator 280. And end saying that these works can only be carried out in similar circumstances by stopping production and there are other secondary works, whether in warehouses, workshops and sections.