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The wheel of time swiftness, and everything has a life hypothetical. mechanical machines that work for many years need to be subject to periodic maintenance operations, despite their quality and perfected performance. this hadith applies to the submersible electric pump of the oil well with the excellence of the Gallo 59 East field (E-83).the longest operational in terms of operation is not only at the level of the fields of the waha Company, but also at the level of the other subsidiaries of the National Oil Corporation.

Where Engineer Abdel Nasser Mohamed Shaaban, head of the submersible electric pumps department in the Gallo field, who has nearly 23 years of experience, assured us that the operating pump age has reached (33.5) thirty-three and a half years. The first operation of the pump was on (29 March 1984 AD) and this pump is of Power estimated at 40 horsepower from the class of submersible pumps with an external diameter of 4 inches (400 SENES) type (D-450) consisting of (133 stages) .It reached with a triple electric cable with a strength of (3 KV) and a depth of 2500 feet.

Engineer Abdel Nasser added that the submersible pump continued to produce crude oil at a rate of (526) barrels of crude oil per day until the date of an electrical failure of the submersible pump motor on September 12, 2017, and the operating conditions were in terms of the quality of the produced crude oil and the quality of the surface electric equipment such as the electrical transformer (Electrical Operating Box) These factors helped extend the life of the pump.

He saying that Mr. Chairman of the management Committee, and in one of his visits to the field, stressed the need to document the history and age of this longest-running pump in operational terms.